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Baptist Children’s Hospital


Госпиталь - Baptist Children’s Hospital - роды и эко в Майами

Госпиталь - Baptist Children’s Hospital Стоимость родов в госпитале: - натуральные: 8300$ - кесарево сечение: 10 930$ - эпидуральная анестезия: - неонантолог: Телефон: Admitting (Welcome Center) +1-786-596-2373 international@baptisthealth.net Адрес госпиталя: 9035 Sunset Drive #100, Miami, FL, 33173‎ Интернет сайт госпиталя: http://baptisthealth.net Субъективное мнение: отличный персонал и хорошее оснащение. Но добавка Баптистский, по моему мнению, совсем незаслуженно оставляет у потенциальных клиентов определенный суеверный страх поэтому он непопулярен. International Services Baptist Health South Florida has one of the largest hospital-based international programs in America. Thousands of people each year travel to Miami from around the world to visit our respected physicians and our medical facilities. Our multilingual staff is trained to personally assist you with your medical and travel needs. Our services include: 24-hour emergency on-call services. Arrangements for jet or helicopter medical transport. Coordination of hospital, physician and diagnostic appointments. Assistance with travel arrangements, including scheduling of transportation to and from the airport. Accommodations at nearby hotels that offer special discount rates. We’re also committed to developing relationships with international physicians, medical associations and hospitals. We want to be the medical institution an international physician looks to when a patient requires urgent care or simply a second opinion. Some of the special services available to the international medical community include second opinions, video conferencing, continuing medical education courses, participation in medical conferences in their countries, and tours of our hospitals.